Flavors: Comedy Crosses Culture


Rating: Unrated
Genre: Drama, Art House & International, Comedy
Directed By: DK Krishna, Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K.
Written By: DK Krishna, Raj Nidimoru
In Theaters: Oct 30, 2003 Wide
On DVD: Dec 20, 2005
Box Office: $93.4k
Runtime: 1 hr. 58 min.




Honest. Witty. Light-hearted. FLAVORS is all that and more! This quirky ensemble film examines different facets of love and life among the Indian Diaspora in the USA.

Kartik is smart and suave and he knows it. Rachna is obsessed with work and working out. They are best buddies addicted to each other. They share every waking thought, no matter what the hour. They laugh, rant, crib, rib, and are just there for each other. The catch: they are 3000 miles apart. The twist in the tale comes when Rachna's aunt sets her up with another guy.

Rad has his hands full between his pretty fiance Jenni, his job, his wedding, his inscrutable drinking buddy Nikhil, and his parents who are visiting from India.

Mom and Dad - Mom is warm and inquisitive. She loves saying, 'I told you so' to Dad. Dad is naive and childlike, and has only one agenda: to look for a newspaper to find out what is happening in India. But both hide their gentle wisdom under a lot of humour and love.    

Jobless Ashok and Jas love the good life and dream of the day they will get their big idea. They are happy to while away their time playing poker and snacking on pizza and beer, and cutting off headhunters midway through conversations.

Their roommate Vivek is jobless too but all he dreams about is a girl back in India. Feisty but compassionate Candy houses the three, and she totally disapproves of their lifestyle.

For Sangita, the world is her oyster - right within the four walls of her home. It is peopled by telemarketers, schoolkids selling cookies, Jehovah's witnesses, tons of romance novels and her favourite daytime romantic soap. She is convinced there is a pattern to her life, as she tries to figure out whether today is today or today was yesterday or yesterday was yesterday.       

Colorful characters, stylish format, unique narrative that merges multiple stories all reaffirming the simple FLAVORS world view: the world is small. Really small. This movie also has a large heart which promises you a world of fun!



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  • A truly unique comedy -IndieWire
  • One of the most exciting & refreshing indie movies made in the U.S. -IndianExpress
  • Comedy crosses cultures - sweetly satisfying. -Starbulletin
  • Finally a movie on life other than Indian rootedness -Screen
  • This film is the real thing -San Francisco Asian American Intl.
  • Altman-esque tapestry -St. Louis Today
  • Outrageous fun time -Honolulu Advertiser
  • Wacky, engaging -The Hamptons
  • Truly a film with something for everyone -ReelWorld
  • Very funny film -Durban Intl.
  • A hilarious journey through twists and turns -Hawaii Intl.
  • Quirky and sweet - makes you wish for more -St. Louis Intl.
  • Sharply observed and intriguing -Rediff.com
  • Tasty film -Teenstation.com
  • Everything is connected with a sense of humor -Denise Hosaka, HIFF
  • A delightful romantic comedy - SFSTATION
  • Finally [a movie on] life other than Indian rootedness-that is the crux of Flavors -SCREEN
  • Delicious blend of life, love and laughter... An international favorite -The Lowell
  • (like) Sienfeld -SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS





First time directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK proved a point with their feature "Flavors." With a very limited budget they managed to create a truly unique comedy that weaves several storylines together, following the lives of interconnected Indo-Americans on both coasts. In the spirit of "The Joy Luck Club," the directors provide a satirical yet revealing glimpse into a culture most Americans know very little about... A charming comedy.  -INDIEWIRE

The charming relationship comedy, Flavors sold out its first screening at AAIFF, New York. -Claiborne Smith, INDIEWIRE




One of the most exciting and refreshing films made in the U.S. With a top cast and a unique story line, FLAVORS is sure to leave a sweet taste. -INDIAN EXPRESS




The problem with many romantic comedies is that they often overload us with pap-and-sap when we'd just rather have a taste of real sincerity. Thankfully, the new Indian-American film, "Flavors," by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, doesn't make this mistake.

...a slice-of-life comedy about first-and-second-generation Indians living in this country.. we come to know a variety of humorous and recognizable souls.

Issues of marriage, dating, old and new world values, belly button piercings, cell phones, annoying workmates, language problems and more are all resolved in a witty and good-hearted way.

"Flavors" may be light fare, but its taste is sweetly satisfying. 10 films worth seeing at the festival... a hilarious journey. -STARBULLETIN




Flavors succeeds with refreshing dialogue, realistic situations and an engaging ensemble cast. The directors have concocted a smile-inducing, well-paced movie that separates itself from the seemingly boundless pack of ethno-cultural movies. The crafty editing provides a stylish look and feel. Flavors is the movie to take in if you are still reeling from the horrible portrayal of Indian Americans in American Chai and ABCD. -HONOLULU WEEKLY




Finally (a movie on) life other than Indian rootedness - that is the crux of Flavors -SCREEN




If you took FRIENDS and made the entire cast brown, then gave them jobs in the IT industry, you might just end up with FLAVORS. A breezy confection of love and romance among Indians in America, Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK's ensemble comedy of crisscrossing young Indian Americans squeezes in arranged marriages, unrequited long-distance loves and cell-phone quasi-romances, yet within the relationship banter and nerd jokes lurk the complexities of Indian American life. It may play with stereotypes, but FLAVORS is not, to paraphrase one of the characters, your typical subcontracting, multi-shulti soggy-samosa desi film. This film is the real thing: love in the age of text messaging, and more. -SANDIP ROY, SFAAIFF




Flavors, directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, has some sharply observed and intriguing sequences. One of the better received films... -REDIFF.COM




What's unusual about "Flavors" is that the characters' ethnicity is merely the sugar coating on a matrimonial comedy that's as American as apple pie. Altman-esque tapestry... -ST. LOUIS TODAY




Ethno-cultural romp, as characters and plots collide at an intercultural wedding. If you loved "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "The Wedding Banquet," you'll have an outrageous, fun time. 





Following the international success of Monsoon Wedding and Bend It Like Beckham, this charming romantic comedy brings a contemporary American twist to the wacky drama that Indian weddings can bring. Cell-phones blossom romance, dot-com bubbles burst and the in-laws move in this engaging feature debut by Raj Nidimoru & Krishna DK. -THE HAMPTONS




...Flavors provides a taste of how the world really isn't that big of a place.

Flavors filmmaking team has taken a giant leap with this feature film. Though previous films have traditionally surrounded the "Indian way of life," this carefully crafted story shows them at the top of their game in movie-making. The amusing and topical script is absorbing, intelligent and beautifully realized by the excellent cast.

What makes this movie special is the meticulous attention placed on each of its characters, employing them not in the traditional Desi manner that is so common, but as part of a grand mosaic that actually seems to be worth sharing.

The flow of the film is emphasized by a uniquely crafted score, and has five-time Academy Award nominee, Frank Reynolds (In The Bedoom, Praying With Anger) to thank for a fantastic job editing the well-crafted film. -REELWORLD




This very funny film with an excellent ensemble cast looks at the lives and loves of a group of young Americans of Indian descent who try to find a fine balance between their traditions and their modern American existence. -DURBAN INTL.




Flavors is a hilarious journey through the twists and turns of romance, work, friendship, and family among first generation Indians in America. This witty film features several storylines that ingeniously come together. Five-time Academy Award nominee Frank Reynolds expertly edited Flavors to create a fresh and quickly paced film that takes audiences on a fun-filled adventure into contemporary Indo-American life. -HAWAII INTL.




Four unique stories inhabit the universe of this quirky and sweet independent comedy, all of which are connected to a ringing cell phone. The intertwined lives of Indian Americans working in and around the information technology industry in the US are lovingly spoofed in the process. The terrific Indo-American cast will endear themselves to the entire audience and will make you wish for more. -ST. LOUIS INTL.




The film takes a look into the lives of immigrant Indians living in America and the three stories orbit around a cross-cultural wedding.

The movie exhibits various forms of love with a dash of humor and that is what it makes the movie so tasty. This crossover flick is produced-written-directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK who also happens to be the makers of Shaadi.com plus it managed to gather good reviews.





This charming comedy is a mosaic of colorful characters, offering something for almost everyone. Flavors features a cast of twelve characters who present different points-of-view on life. The film pokes fun at itself, the office cubicle, generational and cultural differences, and dating dilemmas while providing careful observations on today’s job market, parenting, love, and friendship. Yet, among all the differences between the characters, the film finds the thing that connects them all - a sense of humor.

Flavors brings a style that will appeal and please audiences everywhere! - DENISE KOSAKA, HIFF




Filmmakers Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK begin a delicious blend of life, love and laughter in the Indian-American film, Flavors. An international favorite, the multi-storyline film focuses on Indians adjusting to life on the east and west coasts of America.

Its non-linear method of storytelling is refreshing for viewers who must piece together the multiple stories, which culminate in an anything-but-average wedding in America.

Because Flavors offers elements that moviegoers look for in an entertaining film, including well-written dialogue and a hip soundtrack, it will undoubtedly tempt many taste buds.