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Brilliant! It’s simply brilliant. I am amazed that I took it so lightly. I asked the directors to cast me in their  next film.
– R Madhavan (Star of Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Mutthamittal/A Peck On The Cheek)

I’ve rarely seen an audience enjoy themselves more. The performances were fresh, so engaging and so charming, we didn’t stop laughing from start to finish, and it wasn’t just laughter, it was laughter with love.
– Eric Byler (writer/director of 2003 Independent Spirit Award nominee ‘Charlotte Sometimes’)

It is a successful film in bringing in the audience into its own world.
– Julie-Anne Chong (Empire Pictures)

Flavors is the new gold-standard for Indo-American cinema, and sets the bar ‘very’ high. This is the most grin-, guffaw-, chuckle-, and howl-inducing film I have seen in a very long time. Directors Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru have accomplished something that I have long suspected and seldom seen – that comedy can be fast-paced, clean, heartening, and insightful without compromising the genre.

So go see Flavors for the chattiness and character-development of Robert Altman, the non-linearity and parallel storylines of Quentin Tarantino, and the quirkiness and ultimate humanity of R K Narayan. And then go see it again, this time with a shameless grin of anticipation plastered all over your mug!
– Srinath Sampath (Actor, ‘GreenCardFever’)

Flavors has raised the standards for Indo-American comedy film genre. The best Indian-American film by far.
– Samrat Chakrabarti (Actor, ‘Arya’)

It’s been a while since I saw a GOOD FUNNY movie… Definitely worth the ride from Philadelphia.
– Samir Jain (Scriptwriter)

Flavors is fun and truly funny. An ambitious film that works! …I am ready to see it again.

– David Kullman (Scriptwriter and Screenplay Analyst)

Such innovation was way overdue, and Flavors delivered!

– Hima Tadoori